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Our Design Methodology

LogoVisions and Moon River Solutions specialise in the development and management of aesthetic identities and their applications. An aesthetic identity, whether a brand or corporate, is essentially the science of providing the underlying mechanics of an organisation or range of products with a public “face” and “personality”. The sensory experience developed for the “subject” should be distinctive, dynamic, and memorable. This will provide an overall coherence and a powerful impression.

To summarise, an aesthetic identity will instills success by:

  • Promoting the utilitarian benefits
  • Adding value and distinction to the utilitarian aspects - allowing for premium pricing
  • Ensuring the added value and utilitarian benefits are memorable and remain associated with the subject - ensuring loyalty

Our Approach

To ensure the above points are fulfilled to the maximum potential of each budget, appropriate research and ongoing communication between the design team and client are an essential way of working. It is therefore essential for both the project director and client to communicate as appropriate and show the necessary level of commitment to the project.

The following bullet points outline the flexible stages we go through when working towards a solution:

  • Identify the facets of the “private self” of the organisation or Brand Character
  • Formulate an aesthetics positioning statement
  • Express the aesthetics positioning appropriately in identity elements

A corporate image is ongoing. The image of a company will evolve to reflect changes within the company to ensure the best possible representation. It is the job of the designer to ensure each revision of the identity has as long a “shelf life” as possible. Appropriately timed reviews of an identity will also ensure that an identity does not become old fashioned and/or disliked by the public.

How To Design Logos : Logo Design : Corporate Identity : Design Methodology -  aesthetic identities, development, design, methodology,logo design
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