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Logo Design : UK : Questions and Answers : FAQ : Graphic Design

Over the years of designing logos for companies all over the world we have been asked many questions. Here are a selection of those questions which we feel may help you when considering your logo design requirements...

Q:What is a logo?
A: A logo is a graphical representation of your company's, corporation's or organisation's identity. It is usually comprised of a graphical or symbol element and typography, although this is not a hard and fast rule and logos can contain just a graphical element or be purely typographical.

A good logo should...

  • Attract the attention of potential and existing clients and then leave a lasting impression, so that they can easily link the logo and your company, its products and services.
  • Provide a view of your company which is unique and distinguishes you from your competitors.
  • Reflect the overall ethos of your Company
  • Build trust in the potential client, showing that your company is professional and trustworthy.

Q:I'm only just launching my business, do I really need a logo?
A: New companies are often keen to get started and make money and often give little or no thought to their corporate identity, thinking that this is just a subject for the big boys with thousands of pounds to spend.

As there is always things to do when launching a new venture, the design of an appropriate logo and corporate identity often gets put to one side. However, this short sightedness can in many cases, be a costly mistake which can be regretted later.

  • In most cases a new business is in competition with established corporations from day one. A high quality logo is one of the simplest and quckest ways to show that your company is professional and means business right from the start.
  • The first job of many new businesses is to attract new clients, often away from the competition who are well established. A distinctive logo makes your Company stand out from the crowd and then its image sticks in peoples minds. Once in this position it is much easier to remember your Company than by it's name alone.
  • A good logo design adds visual sparkle to any document, signage, vehicle livery or website, and increases the forcefullness of your literature and promotional materials.
  • Sooner or later the moment will come when you realise that you need a professionally designed logo. If that moment only occurs after the Company has been trading for a time and already has got established clients, you can risk undermining your existing brand and losing market position. Then, often, extra money will have to be spent to let your clients know about the change of brand identity and the introduction of your new logo and corporate image.

Q:Why are our prices so low?
A: The newspapers and TV often mention about companies spending thousands if not millions on a new logo... So it's not surprising that people ask, why can we provide a full logo design service for such a low cost.

Here is our answer to this:-

  • We don't have fancy, expensive offices.
  • We don't spend money on offline or online advertising, we let our website and portfolio do the selling for us.
  • We do most of our business electronically, so there is no need for expensive business meetings or travel.
  • We provide the final artwork electronically, so there is no need for expensive P&P costs to send CDs and designs around the world.
  • We spend our time and money on providing a high quality low cost logo design service.
  • Last of all we work hard, enjoy our work, put in long hours and are good at what we do!

Q:What formats will my new logo be provided in?
A: Your new logo design will be provided in a variety of vector and raster formats including:-

Vector Formats

  • Adobe Illustrator (.AI)
  • Encapsulated Postscript (.EPS)

The vector files will be supplied in both RGB (for VDU and in-house use) and Pantone/CMYK (for professional print, signage or vehicle livery use).

Raster Formats

  • Adobe Photoshop (.PSD)
  • Tagged Image Format (.TIF)
  • Portable Network Graphics (.PNG)

The raster files will be supplied in RGB only.

Other formats are available on request

Q:What are the main uses of Vector artwork?
A: Vector artwork can be used for many different uses, but here is a selection of the primary uses:-

  • Professional printing (stationery, brochures, leaftlets, etc).
  • Professional signage manufacture.
  • Professional vehicle livery.
  • Use as master artwork to create premium quality vector graphics.

Q:What are the main uses of Raster artwork?
A: Raster artwork can be used for many different uses, but here is a selection of it's primary uses:-

  • Graphics on web pages.
  • Graphics in in-house documents (Word, Powerpoint, etc).
  • Graphics in PC applications (VB, Access, etc).
  • In-house printing (stationery, leaflets, brochures etc) on standard PC printers.

Q:Do you offer free logo designs?
A: Until recently Logovisions offed a free logo design service. Due to amazing demand for this service we have had to suspend this offer for the timebeing.

For information on our low cost logo design service please use the following links:-

Logo Design : UK : Questions and Answers : FAQ : Graphic Design -  rgb colours, cmyk colours, pantone colours, design faq, logo design information, logo design questions,logo design faq
Call for a FREE quote and design consultation on
01928 799612 or info@logovisions.co.uk